CBD Revitalisation Project

Mildura Rural City Council is moving ahead with plans to revitalise and transform the region’s Central Business District.

The CBD Revitalisation Project is about to enter its next phase following community consultation on three proposed concepts for a revamped Feast Street, and 10 placemaking ideas for the Langtree Mall (see more about these initial concepts below).

More than 160 public submissions were received regarding these ideas and concepts, with the key themes identified including parking availability, support for more outdoor dining spaces, accessibility for the elderly and disabled, and ensuring the CBD becomes a greener space.

At the March Ordinary Council Meeting, Councillors endorsed the preferred concept designs which aim to transform Feast Street into an even more vibrant, attractive and entertaining precinct.

The concept is based around a shared street design, replacing existing outdoor dining structures with attractive vine-laden pergola-like shelters running the length of both sides of the popular eatery strip.

Other features include:

  • New tree-planting to provide more shade and amenity, creating a cooler, greener environment
  • Widened footpaths
  • Shared street with flush kerbs, providing improved pedestrian amenity and safety for pedestrians, as well as more flexibility for events
  • New landscaped gateways at Seventh and Eight Streets
  • Parallel car parking in Langtree Avenue and additional angle parking in Seventh Street
  • Footpath-level street crossings
  • Feature planters
  • Public art opportunities, including wayfinding and storytelling sculptures and light boxes
  • New lighting, including feature lighting.

Work will now progress to deliver a detailed shovel-ready design which will be used to attract the necessary funding to complete the project.


Feedback was collected in late 2022 on a series of CBD-focused implementations attached to the Mildura CBD Plan 2020-2035. Developed by the experienced urban design and social planning consultancy Jensen PLUS, focused assessments around design and accessibility for the CBD have been conducted alongside an extensive period of stakeholder consultation.

Developed as a CBD Revitalisation Project, an emerging series of concept designs have been presented back to Mildura Rural City Council, which include a range of upgrade and development opportunities for prominent areas of the CBD. These are focused around key areas of consideration, including:

  • Access and connectivity enhancements for residents and visitors
  • Connecting the Mildura CBD to the Riverfront
  • Economic development and investment attraction
  • Improved amenity and wayfinding throughout the CBD
  • Revitalisation and regeneration of public realms