Community Planning

The current Cardross & Koorlong Community Plan was endorsed by Mildura Rural City Council in April 2011. This Community Plan has been flagged by Council and the Cardross & Koorlong communities for review.

Community Plans have a short life expectancy, particularly in small rural communities. As the aspirations and priorities of the community change, so does the community's needs.

Community Plans provide Council with a wealth of information specific to each township in the municipality. The plans determine what is valued or would be valuable to help sustain the needs of local community groups and residents.

By recognising the potential of Community Plans to build social, economic and environmental capital and collaborative working partnership within communities, Council is also acknowledging that the people who live in the community are best placed to direct the future growth and development of the community.

This ‘grassroots’ approach to planning and development helps ensure that the community’s needs are being recognised and responded to, and that residents are supported to be proactive in directing future decision making that concerns their towns.

How can the Cardross and Koorlong communities be involved in the development of the next community plan?

Cardross Progress Association Inc. with the support of Mildura Rural City Council will be facilitating a number of community consultation session in the Cardross & Koorlong area commencing Monday 14th August 2023. You are welcome to attend a face-to-face session, or you're welcome to complete the survey below.

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