Mildura Rural City Council is working with residents across the municipality to review our Road Safety Strategy. Our Road Safety Strategy aims to identify overarching goals and priorities over the next seven years, while aligning with the new Victorian Road Safety Strategy 2023-2030.

Council is continuing to adopt a Safe System approach to road safety in both the way road safety is viewed in the community and managed on our roads.

The Safe System approach aims to address all elements of the road transport system. The principles are:

  • no death or serious injury occurring on our road network is acceptable
  • the health and wellbeing of our society should not be traded off against other societal benefits
  • as human beings, we are fallible and prone to make mistakes
  • human beings have tolerance thresholds to energy exchange, above which the absorption of energy is likely to lead to death or serious injury
  • road users should not be subject to energy exchanges that will lead to the likelihood of either death or life-disabling injury occurring

With these principles in mind, Council will focus on the following areas of action

  • Safe Road Users
  • Safe vehicles
  • Safe speeds
  • Safe roads and roadsides

Feedback on the Draft 2023-2030 Road Safety Strategy is now closed.