Current status

We conducted an initial round of community consultation for this project during November - December 2022. Phase 1 of community engagement was designed to learn more about tree species and urban cooling strategies from the community’s perspective, and to understand the issues and opportunities related to tree coverage in local neighbourhoods.

Feedback and key findings from Round 1 are detailed in the Mildura Urban Forest Strategy Engagement Summary Report.

The information in this Summary Report has been used to help inform the development of Guiding Principles and Vision for the Mildura Urban Forest Strategy, which we are seeking feedback on in Round 2 engagement.

Project background

Council is working with Mesh Planning to prepare an Urban Forest Strategy for Mildura.

The purpose of this strategy is to increase the net green tree canopy cover across the urban areas of the Mildura Council area. The term Urban Forest refers to all the trees and shrubs present in an area, which provide long-term community benefits, such as cooler and more attractive streets.

The aim of the Urban Forest Strategy is to expand tree canopy coverage in public spaces such as streets and parks.

The focus of the Strategy is on improving tree canopy cover in Council owned and managed assets (i.e. not in private areas such as back yards).

Other green infrastructure may be considered as part of the final Strategy depending on the outcomes of community consultation and the literature and data analysis. Other forms of greening can also be incorporated into the Strategy following further analysis and what we learn from the community.

The overall objective of this project is to create an urban forest network across the main urban precincts within the municipality. Key tasks include a technical and systems approach to review of the current situation in terms of tree planting and species survival and making recommendations to enhance net canopy and vegetation gain. This will include, but not be limited to tasks such as:

  • Identifying systemic and other barriers to expanding the net canopy, measurable on a 5 yearly basis and other research associated with mapping of the canopy cover;
  • Reviewing species mix/diversity; and
  • Developing updated heat mapping for Mildura and surrounding towns.