On 26 February 2020, Mildura Rural City Council became the 30th Local Government in Victoria, and the 94th in Australia, to declare a climate emergency. Council declared that we are in a state of climate change emergency requiring urgent action by all levels of government.

Since that time, MRCC has developed its Towards Zero Emissions Strategy 2021-2050 and committed to zero net emissions by 2040 (excluding landfill) and 2050 (including landfill).

MRCC has also been working with the council-initiated Climate Emergency Community Advisory Group to prepare for the development and implementation of a Community Climate Emergency Plan with community owned and activated climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies.

We encourage you to participate and have provided a number of options to contribute to this plan.

How you can participate

1. Attend a workshop; 2. Community survey below; 3. Ideas wall below

Tell us your ideas

What are your ideas for tackling the climate emergency in our municipality?

19 October, 2022

simon says:

ban new gas connections to new houses - plus ban the sale of gas appliances. put an extra 20% fuel tax on vehicles more than 2.0 litres.

19 October, 2022

BT says:

We need bike/walking paths from Red Cliffs to Mildura and from Merbein to Mildura!

17 July, 2022

Ben says:

safer bike lanes and more support for areas to encourage the use of transport other than cars and/or buses

20 June, 2022

Ron Perry says:

Building roofs must be heat reflecting on colour. All buildings need a roof area facing north for solar panels to maximise area.

12 June, 2022

ML says:

I think the the bin system is excellent! Those complaining need to work harder (be educated?) on how they can reduce waste. Add glass bin

7 June, 2022

CM says:

Introduce a bottle deposit scheme. 10 cents for each plastic bottle that can be recycled, rather than end up in landfill. Look at e.gGermany

5 June, 2022

Jay says:

Significant investment in safe physically separated bike lanes so everyone is safe and confident in riding a bike. Increasing ridership.

3 June, 2022

Alan says:

Plant more greenery. We have to create more oxygen. Less land clearing. Create forests.