Asset Plan 2022-2031

Council invites you to review and provide feedback on the draft Asset Plan 2022-2031.

The Asset Plan complements the suite of documents to reference our Community Vision 2020-2040, including our Council Plan 2021-2025 and Community Health and Wellbeing Plan 2021-2025 and the Financial Plan 2021-2031.

The documents referenced ensure community’s aspirations are at the heart of everything that we do.

The 20-year Community Vision was developed over a six month period, through a process of deliberative community engagement, where we heard from almost 2,000 people who live, work, play and visit the Mildura Rural City Council area.

It describes what everyone wants for our region and community over the next two decades. It is underpinned by vision statements which focus on five themes:

  • We will sustain and enhance our natural environment and resources for current and future generations
  • We will have responsible, collaborative leadership that puts community wellbeing at the heart of decision-making
  • We will be a healthy, respectful and connected community
  • We will have a thriving economy that harnesses our strengths and capitalises on opportunity
  • We will be a place to live, belong and visit with infrastructure and development that enhances our lifestyle

We are excited to be sharing this Asset Plan draft with you and look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback.

Feedback closes COB: Wednesday 4th May 2022.

Draft Asset Plan 2022-2031

Developing the Community Vision

Phase one engagement

In March 2021 Mildura Rural City Council launched Imagine 2040 – a major project to develop a new Community Vision 2020-2040.

A Community Vision provides a long-term roadmap for the whole community, Council and other levels of government to partner together and create a future that enhances our region as a great place to live, work, play and visit. It highlights what the community values most and sets out long-term aspirations and key priorities.

Council will use the Community Vision to guide strategic planning and decision making, in particular, the four-year Council Plan, a Financial Plan, Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan and an Asset Plan.

All Victorian Councils are required to work in partnership with their communities to develop these documents under the new Local Government Act (2020) and Public Health and Wellbeing Act (2008).

Other local organisations and the wider community – including business groups, not-for-profits and service providers – can also use the Community Vision, so everyone can work towards the same common goals for our region.

Who did we hear from?

Throughout March-April 2021 we invited the community to Imagine 2040 and share their hopes for the future of our region and your community. We’re incredibly grateful that more than 1,600 people who live, work, play, study and visit the Mildura Rural City Council area took the time to be involved. It was very important that we heard from different people with different backgrounds and experiences, to ensure our vision truly reflects our community.

How did you share your ideas?

We completed an extensive period of deliberative engagement with a broad cross-section of the community throughout March-April 2021.

What did you say?

During the engagement in March-April, community was asked to answer a series of open-ended questions. Below is a themed summary of how our community responded to these questions and verbatim examples of what we heard.

What do you like most about our region and your community?

  • River
  • Trees
  • Green open spaces
  • Access to natural bushland, the river and parks
  • Protection of the environment and natural ecosystems
  • Relaxed lifestyle and friendly communities
  • Feeling safe and healthy
  • Cultural diversity
  • Sport, recreation, cultural and community groups, events and activities
  • Public facilities like libraries and the Mildura Arts Centre
  • Unique communities and townships
  • Rural lifestyle and city benefits
  • Weather and location
  • Access to the river, National and State Parks and lakes
  • Green open spaces to relax and exercise in
  • Trees, playgrounds and parks
  • Car parking
  • Minimal traffic and short commute
  • Airport
  • Good public facilities and infrastructure Affordable cost of living
  • Development of Mildura riverfront
  • Vibrant Mall, retail and shopping precincts
  • Variety and quality shops, restaurants, services and markets
  • Supporting local small business
  • Agriculture and horticultural industries

What would make it a better place to live, work and play?

  • Protect the environment and green spaces
  • Plant more trees
  • Sustainability
  • Better walking paths
  • Mental health services
  • More doctors and specialists
  • Bigger hospital
  • More schools
  • More shops
  • Increased tourism
  • Better planning
  • Listening to what the community wants

Thinking about our region and community in the year 2040, what should be the top priority for the future?

  • River health and amenity
  • Protecting green spaces
  • Plant more trees
  • Climate change and sustainability
  • Recycling and resource recovery
  • Attracting doctors and medical specialists
  • A bigger hospital
  • Activities for children, families and young people
  • Community and major events
  • Safer streets
  • Address crime and drug issues
  • Being inclusive of all
  • Aboriginal reconciliation
  • Acknowledging Aboriginal culture
  • More education opportunities and options
  • Communicating what is available
  • Making the river accessible
  • More parks
  • Walking paths
  • Road maintenance and safety
  • Train and public transport
  • Affordable housing
  • Rebuilding after COVID-19
  • Job creation and pathways
  • Attracting skilled labor and workforce
  • Recruiting and retaining specialist professionals
  • Activating retail and shopping precincts including Langtree Mall
  • Tourism attraction and diversification
  • Engaging community in decision-making and listening to feedback
  • Advocacy and collaboration across all levels of government
  • Building strong partnerships across government, business, community, services and agencies
  • Attracting private investment and government funding to the region

What challenges do we face as a region and community?

  • Climate change
  • Water health and security
  • Waste management
  • Isolation and distance from other major centres
  • Accessing specialist medical services
  • Accessing mental health services
  • Drug use and abuse
  • Ageing population
  • Crime rates
  • Social disadvantage
  • Lack of public transport
  • Travel costs
  • Links to capital cities and regional centres
  • Maintaining a large road network
  • Keeping smaller towns and communities going
  • COVID-19 impact on business and economy
  • Telecommunications and digital connectivity
  • Vacant commercial and retail spaces
  • Industry and economic diversification
  • Competitive domestic tourism market
  • Attracting investment and government funding
  • High property rates
  • Competition to secure investment and government funding
  • Small population, large geographic area
  • Competing priorities and demands
  • Building and retaining integrity and trust