Mildura Rural City Council will be working with residents in the Merbein areas to update their community plan. The last Community Plan developed and endorse in 2019, the plan has now been flagged by Council and the Community groups in this areas for review.

Council acknowledges that people living in rural towns & communities are best placed to facilitate their own future growth and development their personal Community Plan that will meet their community’s needs. This is call the ‘grassroots’ approach to planning and development, it ensures that the community’s needs are being recognised and responded to by Local Government, and that residents are supported to be proactive in directing future decision making that concerns their towns.

How you can participate

Select from one of the following 2 options; 1. An in-person Visioning Session, 2. Publicly on the Vision Wall below OR 3. Privately via the survey

Vision Wall

What is your vision for the future of Merbein?

What do you value most about living in Merbein?

For example: access to health services, lifestyle, family, sport, employment (max 140 characters). (max 140 characters).

What would make the community a better place to live, work and play over the next 4 years?

Are there any community projects you feel would benefit the Merbein community?

What challenges do you face as a community?

For example: Isolation, transport, health, employment (max 140 characters) (max 140 characters).

What do you see as your top three priorities that would make walking and cycling easier and safer for you?