Consultations for the Merbein Community Plan commenced in May 2022. The consultation process for the Community Plan concluded on the 16 June 2022, and received 64 responses from various sporting groups, school children, Merbein residents, community groups, and business owners in the area.

Traffix Group consultants in collaboration with Council conducted consultation to inform the development of the Pedestrian and Cycling Plan in conjunction with the Merbein Community Plan 2021-2026 consultations to ensure alignment between the two Plans.

The key themes of the Merbein Community Plan include:

  • Safety
  • Health
  • Township Improvements
  • Advocacy
  • Recreation
  • Promotion/Tourism
  • Environment
  • It is expected that certain aspects of Draft Pedestrian and Cycling Plan will be captured as part of the Community Plan hence it is important that the two Plans complement one another.

    Merbein Community Plan Themes