Mildura Rural City Council is committed to good governance and transparent decision-making.

Council’s Governance Rules were first adopted in September 2020 and updated recently in April 2022. All Victorian Councils are required to have Governance Rules in place, which set the rules for Council meetings, as well as a number of other governance matters.

When online or virtual Council meetings became a necessity during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Victorian Government approved temporary changes to legislation to allow meetings to take place online.

With these temporary rules expiring at the end of August 2022, it is a Victorian Government requirement that all Councils review and update their governance rules by 1 September 2022.

This change will give Councils the flexibility to hold meetings in a way that best supports good decision-making and continues to support public access and transparency.

Mildura Rural City Council is committed to good governance and recently took the opportunity to review its full set of governance rules. A benchmarking exercise was undertaken as part of this exercise and the updated rules came into force as of 1 April 2022.

Given the rules have been recently reviewed, the current changes will look at the amendments that effect virtual meetings only. You can view our full Governance Rules, and a summary of changes, in the Document Library.

Given these changes are a recommendation of the Victorian Government, we are required to make these changes accordingly. However, we value community feedback on the proposed changes and are open for comments until 5pm on Tuesday 23 August 2022.