Current Status

The comment period for the amendment closed 29 August 2022. Submissions are currently being considered and a response to issues raised is being prepared.

Community Consultation - Have Your Say

The Mildura Planning Scheme provides strategic direction for the future planning of Mildura and the townships throughout the municipality, in line with Victorian State Government policy and legislation.

Each time council wishes to alter the Mildura Planning Scheme it must prepare an amendment to the planning scheme for the approval of the Minister for Planning.

Council has prepared Amendment C117mild to the Mildura Planning Scheme.

The amendment rezones land described as Lot 3 LP115108, River Avenue Koorlong, originally included in the Public Use Zone 1 (PUZ1) to reflect ownership by Lower Murray Water, from PUZ1 to Farming Zone (FZ) to facilitate sale of the land into private ownership.

The Planning and Environment Act 1987, requires Council to notify anyone it considers may be affected by the amendment and provide the opportunity to lodge a submission.

Please refer to the Victorian Government Gazette Notice and Submission Guidelines in the Document Library for more information about the amendment, accessing amendment documents and lodging a submission.

Document Library

Amendment C117mild Documents Exhibited

You can access the full suite of amendment documents (including the Gazette Notice, Explanatory Report and Map) on the Department Environment Land Water and Planning Website via the link below from 28 July 2022.

Click here to view all amendment documents

Making a Submission

Please see documents below for general information about the amendment and how you can make a submission.

Mildura C117mild - Notice of Preparation of an Amendment (Exhibited)
PDF (450.92 KB)

Victorian Government Gazette Notice (18 July 2022)

Mildura C117mild - Guidelines for Making a Submission About a Planning Scheme Amendment
PDF (45.01 KB)

V3 November 2014

Submissions Received

Please view submissions received to the amendment below:

Submission #1 - Environment Protection Authority 18-08-2022
PDF (222.64 KB)
Submission #2 - Bruno and Nancy Prevedello 26-08-2022
PDF (488.04 KB)
Submission #3 Goulburn Murray Water 21-09-2022
PDF (154.80 KB)
Submission #4 Department of Environment Land Water & Planning 21-09-2022
PDF (487.82 KB)